Best countries to open a Bank Account

Opening an offshore bank account opens up a variety of options, ranging from lower taxes to improved protection to better interest rates. Below we have identified some of the best countries to open an offshore bank account, their specifications, and what makes them so great.

The best countries to open an Offshore bank account are:

  • The Czech Republic - The best country to open an offshore bank account
  • Puerto Rico - Bank account in the Caribbean
  • Singapore - Top offshore bank account in Asia
  • Hong kong - Safe and strong economy 
  • Belize - Convenience in South America 
  • St. Lucia - A Robust financial sector
  • Antigua & Barbuda - Citizenship through investment
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis - Confidentiality and privacy
  • Seychelles - One of the major financial hubs in Africa
  • The cook island - Privacy and anonymity
  • Mauritius - Wide range of global banking services
  • Armenia - A steadily growing financial sector

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