Non-Residents UK Offshore company

Company formation UK Non-Residents

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£ 249.00


Limited Company Formation

Companies House Filing Fee Included

Free Online Company Manager

Director service address:

This service allows the directors, shareholders and PSCs to protect the privacy of their homes from the general public. Our prestigious London address will appear on the public record as the official address of a company officer. You can avoid unsolicited letters, visitors and associated security risks. You and your family are also protected from potential identity theft.

Registered Office per year: Free

  • You can use this address for Receiving Companies House-related docs.
  • You can use this address as your company's virtual office address.
  • You can use this address for a phone number.
  • You can use this address as a company-registered address.
  • You can use this address on your website/ business card and other company documents.

Printed memorandum and articles of association

We at RTRSupports Limited offer you free customer support for life. Our company formation experts are just a phone call or live chat away. We are glad to help you with any queries during and after your company is registered. 

Pre-submission review:

Our experts will manually review your application for any errors and correct them before submitting it to Companies House. It is a time-consuming and expensive process to make any changes after you incorporate your new company. 

Live personal manager support (step by step help during registration):

Worried about making mistakes? Hire a dedicated personal manager. Get a step by step guidance. 

Confused with the terms PSCs, shareholders, SIC codes, share capital, and registered address? 

Don’t worry. We offer a dedicated personal manager to help you all the way through the company formation process. After you complete the payment process your allocated personal manager will connect with you to handhold & guide you through every step of your new company registration. He will take the stress out of your company registration. 

Confirmation Statement of capital filing (for 1st year). 

E Memorandum and Articles of Association

E Certificate of Incorporation

E Share Certificate

*Inclusive of company house and all other government fees

Unique UK Registered Address

£ 999.00
  • This is a unique address, no other company will use it other than yours.
  • You can use this address for Receiving company house-related docs.
  • You can use this address as your company's virtual office address
  • You can use this address for a phone number.
  • You can use this address as a company-registered address
  • You can use this address on your website/ business card and other company documents.
  • It's important for businesses and legal entities in the UK to choose their registered address carefully and ensure that it is used exclusively for official and legal purposes. Additionally, any changes to the registered address should be promptly reported to relevant authorities to maintain compliance with legal requirements.

Additional items available on request

UK Readymade Company

Instantly Launch Your Business

with our UK Readymade Company.

Ready-to-go businesses,

pre-registered and fully compliant.

Save time and effort, and start your venture today hassle-free.

£ 2,999.00
Apostille and Notarization

Apostille and notarization are essential services for legalizing documents in the UK,

especially when these documents need to be used internationally.

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£ 689.00
One set of documents delivered worldwide by DHL
£ 299.00
Vat Registration for non-UK residents

It's essential to stay informed about the latest VAT regulations and thresholds,

As they can change over time. Non-UK residents who have VAT obligations in the UK

should also be aware of the VAT rules regarding imports, exports, and the place of supply
for goods and services, as these rules can impact your VAT liability.

£ 499.00
UK Domain and Hosting with Business website
£ 147.00
Nominee Director Service UK

A nominee director service for a UK company is a legal service offered to business owners,

especially those who are non-residents or wish to maintain privacy.

A nominee director is an individual appointed to act as the director of a company on paper

while having no active role or involvement in the day-to-day

management or decision-making of the company

£ 1,699.00
Certificate of Good Standing
£ 365.80
UK International SIM card
£ 150.00
This service includes
  • Ready to trade limited liability partnership
  • Companies House filing fee of £13 (paid by us)
  • Emailed PDF of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Emailed PDF of Statutory Books
  • Free Online Company Manager to Maintain your Companies
  • Free Online & Telephone Support for the Life of your Company
  • Web authentication code to update Companies House records
Optional Free Services
  • 1 hour consultation with Accountants. Either face-to-face or by Skype.
  • Optional referral to a payroll bureau
  • Optional referral to bookkeeping and accounting bureau
  • Introduction to online accounting software with introductory benefits.
Optional extra
  • Registered Office
  • Vat Registration
  • One set of documents delivered worldwide by DHL
  • Bank with Guarantee

Identification documents needed

To prove your ID and address you will need to supply us with:

  1. Photo ID

A certified copy of your passport or national ID card is required.

  1. Proof of Address

This may take the form of a recent utility bill, tax bill, or a recent bank/credit card statement (less than 3 months old) must be either an original document or a certified copy.

Requirements for registering a company in the UK

An offshore company can be formed in the UK by anyone, but directors must be over 16 years of age. 

To form a UK registered company limited by shares, you will need the following:

  • A Registered Office in the UK. (For that, we provide a London address).
  • At least 1 shareholder and 1 director (Both can be the same person).
  • There can be more directors and shareholders, and there is no limit to the number of shares that can be issued.

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