Call Service

Impress each and every caller with our telephone answering service when a customer calls your business number. If you’re not available or don’t wish to take that call, the call gets transferred to your RTR PA, as if she is in your office. Your PA will talk to that person with confidence. Her helpfulness and knowledge will impress your caller. Then that call will be transferred to you (or a college) or you’ll immediately receive an email or text.

Smart and confident RTRSupports Receptionists
  • Send calls & messages to your clients wherever you are busy
  • Help every single caller
  • Know your business well
  • Available when needed
  • Win you more business
  • Provide a business opportunity

Chat Service


We give you a small code to add to your website. That’s it! From this point, once a visitor enters the live chat section from your website, that chat will pass to an RTRSupports Receptionist. It can be done all the time or just when you’re offline. Once you join us, we will resolve the majority of the customer queries on the chat platform. Anything urgent will be sent to you via email.

  • Response to some or all of your live web chat throughout the working day
  • Impress customers by resolving issues quicker
  • Maximising every web visitor thus producing more business leads
  • Get online only when needed
  • Experienced and based in the UK
  • Email important chats to you immediately.

Extraordinary People

Team RTR take pride in being the finest PAs and receptionists on the globe. Recruited for attitude they’re with us for the long-term.

Market-leading technology

Continuous in-house development and partnerships with global brands give you direct access to the very latest technology.

"Utterly brilliant. If you want quality, use RTRSupports."

Call us on +44 7765 310446 to discover how we will help your business.


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