Cyprus Bank Account

Cyprus Bank Account

£ 999.00


  • International Bank Account
  • Dedicated IBAN
  • SWIFT & SEPA Payments
  • Wealth Management Facilities
  • Supports A Range of CryptoCurrencies


Cyprus is an Island that is historically a part of ancient Greece, it's located towards the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. The official languages spoken in Cyprus are Greek and Turkish, and English is widely used in commercial practice. Offshore banks that are established in Cyprus offer trading and investment accounts along with multi-currency support that can be fully operated via the internet, fax, or telephone. Offshore Cyprus banks also provide debit cards that can be used globally, one can access their account from any part of the world. Cyprus has strictly regulated laws that protect any customer information. The disclosure of the information is strictly forbidden. Each person associated with any Cyprus bank has a compulsory requirement by the Central Bank to give an oath of absolute secrecy, any violation of this oath is considered a criminal offense. But Cyprus does have agreements with some countries for sharing information, including the United States of America. Cyprus has a double-taxation treaty with over 25 nations, which includes Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the USSR.


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