UK High Street Business Bank account for Non-resident

UK High Street Business Bank account for Non-resident

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Confidentiality and Convenience: Navigate the UK High Street Business Banking Landscape with Our Nominee Director Service. We offer non-resident entrepreneurs the opportunity to access prestigious high-street banks in the UK, ensuring privacy and ease of operations. Open your business account seamlessly and enjoy the benefits of our expert guidance

Experience the Prestige of UK High Street Business Banking. Our tailored service ensures that your business, whether you're a resident or non-resident, can access the renowned high-street banks in the UK. Enjoy personalized financial solutions and the convenience of banking on the high street. Elevate your business today.

As a non-UK resident, you can also get a UK high street business bank account only if you have at least one nominee director in your company from the UK.


Empower Your Business with a UK High Street Bank Account and Nominee Director Service. Gain access to prestigious high street banks in the UK, even as a non-resident, while safeguarding your privacy with our nominee director service. Experience the best of both worlds for your business growth

Access the UK Market with Ease: High Street Business Bank Account for Non-Residents. Expand your business horizons in the UK effortlessly. Our specialized services cater to non-resident entrepreneurs, providing access to high-street business bank accounts and a world of opportunities. Get started today.

We can provide the below banks.

  • HSBC


  • TSB







  • Including the Director's Salary and UK Business Bank account with One year director contract


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