USA Electronic Money Institution Bank

USA Electronic Money Institution Bank

£ 749.00
  1. Banks and Financial Institutions: In the United States, traditional banks and financial institutions offer various banking services, including deposit accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment products. These institutions are regulated by federal and state authorities and are subject to specific rules and regulations.

  2. Online and Digital Banks: There are online and digital banks in the United States that operate primarily through online platforms and mobile apps, providing services such as savings accounts, checking accounts, and loans. These banks may not have physical branches and offer their services electronically.


EMI Corporate or Personal Bank Account
No personal visit
No deposit required

Other Benefits

The features of this bank account.

  1. Personal or Business account
  2.  Debit card (Delivery charges will be applicable)
  3.  Routing and account number
  4.  International Bank transfer facilities
  5.  Online and Mobile Banking
  6.  Zero Balance account
  7.  Multi-currency Bank account (GBP, USD, EUR)
  8. Faster Payments can be sent to this routing number.
  9. Bacs Direct Debits can be set up on this routing number.

Note: We work with a number of Electronic Money Institutions based in the USA.

We have found that these types of companies are quicker to open accounts

Cheaper to operate and also provides additional services

We are rated excellent by our clients

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