UK Trademark

UK Trademark

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A registered trade mark in the UK grants the owner the sole right to use it in connection with the goods or services for which it is registered. The owner of a registered mark also has the legal authority to prevent other parties from using confusingly similar marks on their products or services.


Find information about trademarks to:

1. Determine whether your brand's trademark is already identical to one that is in use in the UK.

2. Discover the owner of a trademark.

 There are accepted applications for: 

1. UK trademarks in the trademarks journal, which is released every week on Friday.

2. Trademarks used internationally, including those for the UK.

Renewal of trademarks is required every ten years.

A trademark may be renewed for an additional six months before and up to six months after its expiration.

 UK Trademark Benefits:

Legal action against anyone using your brand without your permission, including counterfeiters, will be possible once you register your trademark.

Put the ® mark next to your brand to identify it as yours and discourage others from using it.

sell and licence your brand.

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