5 ways to send money to a person without a bank account

1. Use an online money transfer service, such as PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. These services allow you to send money instantly to another person's email address, phone number, or app account. The recipient can then withdraw the money to their bank account (if they have one) or use it to make online purchases.

2. Send a prepaid debit card, a store gift card, or a Visa gift card to the person. These cards can be loaded with a certain amount of money and used to make purchases at various merchants. The recipient does not need a bank account to use these cards.

3. Send money to a digital wallet or e-wallet, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. These are apps that store your payment information and allow you to make transactions using your smartphone. The recipient can use the money in their digital wallet to pay for goods and services online or in person.

4. Send cash with a money transfer provider, such as Western Union or MoneyGram. These providers have agent locations around the world where you can deposit cash and the recipient can pick it up. You will need to provide the recipient's name and location, and they will need to show an ID and a reference number to collect the money.

5. Send a postal or money order. This is a paper document that you can buy from a post office, bank, or convenience store. It has a fixed value and can be mailed or delivered to the person. The recipient can then make it cash from a post office, bank, or check-cashing store.

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