Barclays Business Account Charges

The charge applied to the businesses that use multiple payment methods is known as Mixed Payment Plan and the charge applied to the businesses that use electronic payments is known as ePayments Plan.

Fee type

Barclays - Mixed Payments Plan

Barclays - ePayments Plan

Monthly fee



Debit card and electronic payments






Cash payments

£0.90 (per £100)

£1.50 (per £100)

ATM withdrawals



Can you make international payments with Barclays Bank? 

You can easily make international payments with Barclays Bank. The Barclays International Payments Service (BIPS) allows you to send money worldwide, choosing either a standard or a priority service. But it charges quite high fees.

Sending money abroad with your business account will cost you between £15 and £25 per transaction, depending on whether you set up the transfer at a branch, over the phone, or through online or mobile banking (the cheaper option). All online payments are treated as a priority, so they should come more quickly.

Barclays International Payment Fees: 

Fee type


International transfer fee

£15 (online or app)

Total GBP converted


Exchange rate


Amount received


Can you receive international transfers with Barclays Bank?

It's free for EUR payments under £100, but you'll have to pay £6 per transaction for transfers of £100 or above in any other currency. This is in addition to any bank costs incurred by the sender in initiating the transfer.

Here are the costs Barclays charges to receive $1,000 from a friend or relative in the US.

Fee Type


Receiving fee


Exchange rate


International transfer fee


Amount received


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