Benefits of using TransferWise for International Money Transfer & its fees

Sending money from one currency to another is never going to be free, but when you use TransferWise, the fees become recognizably lower than the charges required while transferring funds directly from your bank account.

  • If you want to send money internationally then TransferWise will charge a minor fee.
  • TransferWise will give you the best conversion and exchange rates.
  • Money transaction fees are transparent.
  • Money Transfers can be done online.
  • For both personal and professional purposes, you can use TransferWise.
  • You can use their debit card to spend your balance.
  • 80% of transfers take only 24 hours to arrive.
  • You can enter the amount you want to send to get an estimate of the fee before exactly making the transfer. It allows you to compare the TransferWise fee with the fee charged by another payment platform.
  • The TransferWise fee is below 1%, whereas most of the big banks charge 3-7%.
  • TransferWise uses the mid-market exchange rate. At any given time, TransferWise offers the lowest rate of transfer.
  • TransferWise does not charge hidden fees.
  • It is a cost-effective way of transferring your money worldwide.
  • It is quick as each transfer takes a maximum of 2 business days.

The Fee for Transferring Money Internationally with TransferWise

Whenever you want to send money, you will have to create a TransferWise account.

For example, if you transfer 1,000 AUD to a USD account, it will charge a small fee of 6.56 AUD.

It provides the mid-market exchange rate that helps to make TransferWise the cheapest way to send money to a US account on the same day.


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