Business trading address provider - Explained

Your company trading address is referred to as the place from where you operate your business. In the case of a solo entrepreneur or a sole trader working from home, they can register their private home address as their trading address.

Small businesses or partnerships that can rent business premises to carry out their work, such as a workshop, suite of offices, or a warehouse, then their trading address will be the same. Your trading address is used for your daily business correspondence, like for your paperwork from your suppliers, customers, banking, deliveries, and equipment leasing.

Your business registered office address is the one, which you use to register your company with the Companies House. This is the address that the Companies House keeps on file and is used for all forms of business correspondence between Companies House, HMRC and yourself. It is also the address that appears on the public record and is shown on the list of registered companies, which can be viewed and accessed by the public through the Companies House website. Hence, if someone wants to know about your business and finds an address for your company, this is the address that will be shown in their search results.

However, your registered office address and your trading address does not have to be the same. You must ensure to choose the best address for your registered office address, as all the important paperwork will be sent here. You should not take the risk of missing any important documentation or notifications from the Companies House or HMRC, hence, ensure to choose an address where the paperwork will be received, opened and auctioned immediately.

Is it required for the companies to have two separate addresses?

The majority of the registered firms use two addresses. This is helpful to separate the most significant correspondence from the Companies House and HMRC from all of your other business-related posts. The majority of the companies will be inundated with junk mail, sales letters, flyers, brochures, leaflets etc. along with their general business correspondence from customers and suppliers.

Since the operations of many businesses are jumbled up, hence, having separate addresses for organising your paperwork will save a lot of time and hassles.

The home address can be kept private

You might be thinking that it is a good idea to have your home address as your registered office address. However, the question arises: do you want your home address to be on public display on the internet for everyone to view

There is a huge risk that using your private home address for your company office address will leave you exposed to many inconveniences and avoidable hassle. The majority of the people almost scan the internet for addresses for targeting them with the marketing materials. This implies that much unwanted junk mail is inside your letterbox.

Hence, it is better to avoid using the home address as your company registered address.

Registered office address services

When you undergo the company formation process for your business and register your limited company, it will be required for you to provide the Companies House with the details of your registered office address and a business trading address provider. Your registered office address will only be used for correspondence between yourself and Companies House and HMRC. You will not be using this address for all of your other businesses trading paperwork.

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