How to apply for a business visa in the UK?

People who do not reside in the United Kingdom can apply for a Business Visitor visa if they are planning to visit the UK for any business-related purposes.

You can apply for a business visa in the UK if you have to visit the UK for business purposes like to establish a business relationship, a business meeting or to expand your business in the UK.

However, if you have qualified for British citizenship or dual citizenship, then you cannot apply for this type of visa.

There are other different types of business visas, which you can apply for depending upon your purposes.

Different types of business visas in the UK:

  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa: This visa is for individuals who wish to invest for establishing a business in the UK or acquire the settled business and shoe participation in one or two running businesses in the UK. It normally lasts for three years but can be extended.
  • UK Turkish Businessperson visa: It is for Turkish businessmen who have their own business or are willing to start a business in the United Kingdom. The tenure of this type of business visa in the UK is for 12 months.
  • UK sole representative visa: UK sole representative visa: The organisations who have set up their business overseas and are planning to open an additional branch in the UK can apply for this visa. It generally lasts for three years but can be extended for two years.

How much time is required to get a UK business visa?

If you are planning to visit the United Kingdom for business purposes then you must apply for a business visitor visa in the UK at least two to three months prior to your visit to the country. The decision on your visa application will require about 3 weeks but the processing time can vary depending upon the jurisdiction you have applied from and the agency processing your application.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for a business visitor visa in the UK?

In order to qualify for a business visa in the UK you need to match with the criteria mentioned below:

  • You must be 18 years or older of age
  • You must reside outside EEA or Switzerland
  • You are not in transit to another country, with the exception of Ireland or the Channel Islands.
  • You should receive a salary from abroad and be able to finance yourself during the tenure of your business visitor visa in the UK.

What is the documentation required for the UK business Visa?

Following are the UK business visa documents that you need to provide while applying for it:

  • Present passport and any other available form of valid travel identification.
  • A coloured photograph of passport size.
  • Evidence such as a bank statement or payslip will act as proof of income, which will justify that you can support your expenditures during your visit to the United Kingdom.
  • Non-English documents must be translated and Certified.

Hence, in order to apply for a business visa in the UK, you need to follow the above points. Moreover, it is important that you provide all the documents correctly so that your business visitor visa application in the UK gets approved fast and without any hassles.

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