Cashplus Business Bank Account

Cashplus is a single current account designed specifically for startups and small businesses. They provide the best banking solutions.

Cashplus provides businesses with one main current account that is designed as simple, straightforward, and time-saving as possible.


  • Account management is available 24/7 via a mobile app
  • Quick payments
  • Integration with accounting software
  • There is only one fixed annual fee
  • You can deposit and withdraw money at the Post Office


A credit check is not required for a quick online application by Cashplus. You will get an instant decision, and if accepted, you will get an account number and sort code instantly.


Does Cashplus offer a business debit/credit card?


As a bonus, the Cashplus account personalises your company by providing a business Mastercard within 3-5 days after your application is approved. This will be personalised with your company name as a bonus.

If you require it then you can also apply for a Cashplus credit card. This has a representative APR of 29.9% (variable) and no annual fees. You will get up to £3,000 as initial credit limits, as well as up to 56 days of interest-free credit on your purchases.

The Cashplus business credit card is contactless and enables itemised invoicing as well as flexible repayment alternatives. This should make tracking and managing your business spending easier.

The Cashplus business credit card is contactless and enables itemised invoicing as well as flexible repayment alternatives. It helps to track easily and manage your business expenses.

Finally, Cashplus allows you to add up to 20 extra Business Expense Cards to your account.


Can you make international payments with Cashplus?


It is a little more difficult in doing international payments with Cashplus. Cashplus offers an inbound international payments solution for business customers, but only for transfers sent in GBP or EUR. However, you will need to receive the IBAN or SWIFT code first, which may require a call to customer services customer support. There's also a fixed cost to pay, regardless of the amount of currency of the payment.


You may face a big issue when a specific currency is sent to the wrong currency account. For example, USD deposited into your CashplusEuro account. This may charge extra currency conversion fees, as a result, you will receive less money.

Sending money internationally using a Cashplus account is more difficult. If your account is in GBP, but you can get a free USD and Euro travel card. This implies you can use your credit card to send money to the United States and several European countries.




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