Changing Company's registered office address

The majority of the organisations need to change their office address as their business changes over time. This is mostly done once the company has grown large enough that they need to move to a spacious workplace, to accommodate extra staff or they just want to relocate to any other premise that is more suitable for their business and has better logistical connectivity for their services.


If you have decided to relocate your company to a different business address then it is required to update your details in the companies house as well. You can contact companies house directly or you can hire Companies like RTRSupports Limited who can do it for you.

All UK based companies have to follow this legal requirement to have a registered office address. Your registered office address is the place where all the official correspondence will be sent by HMRC and Companies House, so they must have the correct office address. The address that you will provide must be a real UK address and not a PO Box address, so then you do not require to register your company address as a PO Box.

What if I need to relocate more than Once?

With the growth of your business, there is a high possibility of shifting to different premises again and again, especially when there is a plan for the rapid growth of the company within a short time span. Changing the address several times can be quite some hard work. To overcome this problem you can hire Registered office address services to act as the correspondence of your Company. This will allow you to keep receiving important documents for your business while you can keep relocating your office without any stress of missing out on any documents sent by the HMRC or Companies House.


Having a registered office address that is consistent and managed properly will allow you to not miss any significant aspects during the process of relocation. So it is wise to hire consistent registered office address services rather than changing it several times on relocation. Moreover, it will help you to boost your company's profile if it is seen to have a prestigious London address on the letterhead and paperwork of your company.

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