Company Registration in Hong Kong

Company registration in Hong Kong is the process of setting up a legal entity that can conduct business activities in Hong Kong. There are different types of companies that can be registered in Hong Kong, such as limited companies, unlimited companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and branch offices of foreign companies. Each type of company has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as different requirements and procedures for registration.
The most common and popular type of company in Hong Kong is the limited company, which is a separate legal entity that can limit the liability of its shareholders and directors. A limited company can be either a private company or a public company, depending on whether it can offer its shares to the public or not. A private company can have up to 50 shareholders, while a public company can have more than 50 shareholders and can be listed on the stock exchange.
To register a limited company in Hong Kong, you will need to follow these steps:
Choose a unique and suitable company name that complies with the Companies (Name) Regulation. You can check the availability of your proposed name on the Companies Registry website.
Prepare the articles of association, which are the rules for running your company. You can use the model articles provided by Companies House, or create your own customised articles.
Fill out the incorporation form, which contains the basic information about your company, such as its name, type, registered office address, and share capital. You will also need to provide details of your directors and shareholders or guarantors, and personal information about them, such as their date of birth, nationality, or passport number.
Submit the incorporation form, the articles of association, and the prescribed fees to Companies House yourself or by an agent (to avoid errors and extra time).
You will receive a certificate of incorporation and a business registration certificate once your company is registered. You will also need to do other post-incorporation requirements, such as opening a bank account, keeping accounting records and filing annual returns.

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