What is Company registration number(CRN)

A CRN in the UK is a unique number given by Companies House when a limited liability company (LLP) is created. This is a combination of 8 alpha-numeric digits that are used to mark the company and check its incorporation with the House of Companies. CRN is often referred to as a 'Company House Number' or 'Company Number.'

You will find your CRN on your incorporation certificate and any official paperwork obtained from the House of Companies. If you want to view your CRN and the public company registry then you can, which will be shown next to the business name.

What are the CRN variations?


  1. England and Wales CRN
    It'll consist of 8 numeric digits.
  2. CRN in Scotland
    The letters 'SC' will start, followed by 6 numbers
  3. Northern Ireland CRN
    The letter 'NI' will start, followed by 6 numbers.

To the LLPs:

  1. England and Wales CRN
    The letters 'OC' will start, followed by 6 numbers.
  2. CRN in Scotland
    The letters 'SO' will start with CRN, followed by 6 numbers.
  3. Northern Ireland CRN
    The letters 'NC' will start, followed by 6 numbers.

How to find my CRN using the Companies House Website?

To access your business in the Companies House registry and find your CRN, enter your company's registered name on the Companies House Web site in the Search area. Your data will be shown on the left side of your company name along with your CRN.

When is my company registration number (CRN) needed to use

Under the following situations, you would need your CRN to:

  • Contact House Corporations
  • Send or amend your annual Declaration of Affirmation (previously the annual return)
  • Deposit annual accounts
  • Recording reports of changes to the business
  • Income Tax, VAT, and PAYE registration with HMRC
  • Issue tax returns, annual accounts, and VAT reports for the company

Where to display my CRN

Limited companies are legally required to show their company registration number on all workstations including:

  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Letterheads
  • Faxes
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Order forms
  • Compliment slips
  • Other online material

I just lost my CRN

To find out your CRN there is a way.

a)Your CRN will be written alongside or under a heading like 'Company No' on your Certificate of Incorporation.

b)Received official letters from Companies House.

c)By using the search field in the Companies House Website, you can find your CRN by providing your full company name in the search section and clicking on the 'search icon. Your CRN will be displayed on the left-hand side of your company name.


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