Custom Paypal Button: Setup & Integration Guide

A PayPal generic button can be added to your website to give it an attractive look. Add PayPal custom buttons to make your button look a little different to match the design of your website better.

How to create a PayPal custom button and implement it on your website?

Set up a PayPal account and get API credentials:

First, you have to set up an account with PayPal and get API credentials. After creating your accounts and collecting API credentials, save them somewhere properly as it will be required later.

How to add a PayPal button?

You can add and customise the PayPal button in two ways:

  • Quick setup via PayPal portal - no coding is necessary.
  • Standard integration is more customizable, but coding is necessary.

Standard integration

Standard integration offers more features and customisation options. But it requires knowledge of coding.

Customisation options

It's time to take a look at the customisation buttons provided by PayPal.

The PayPal button accepts a style option with the properties listed below.


To set the color of the button you must set style.color.

Here are the color options:

  • Gold - default
  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Silver


To change the layout you must set style.layout, in case multiple buttons are available.

Here are the options for layout:

  • Vertical - default
  • Horizontal


To change the size of the button you must set style.size.

Here are the options for Size:

  • The width of the button - change the width of the container
  • The height of the button - set the height style.height property to value from 25 to 55


To change the shape of the button you must set style.shape.

Here are the options for Shape:

  • Rect - default. It is a rectangular button
  • Pill - It is a button with rounded corners


To change the label of the button you must set style.label.

Here are the options for Label:

  • Paypal - default
  • Checkout
  • Buy now
  • Pay
  • Instalment
  • Checkout

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