Director service address and its significance

You will need to go through the company formation process and register your new company with the Companies House while setting up your limited company. Rules and regulations of Companies House require you to register official business addresses with your limited company.

Companies House and HMRC use the official address you provide to send you official statutory documentation and correspondence related to your business. Companies House also requires certain official addresses to be entered in the Companies House Public Register. This register lists every single name and address of the company that exists in the United Kingdom and is open to be fully inspected by the public.

Since the register of companies is accessible to the public, this implies that anyone can access the information about your company, including the addresses you have registered for your company. That means strangers can see your residential address and can target your home for cold calling sales individuals, sales and marketing literature and other junk mail.

Director service address provider

A company director has been required to send two addresses to Companies House for use since 2009 when setting up a new business in the UK. One address is the residential address of the directors, and the second address is the official director's service address, which acts as the company's main correspondence address. This means that both of these addresses could be the same for anyone who operates their business from home. You can use your home address for your director's service address, but by doing so, your private residential address will appear in the public register of companies and be on display to the public at all times.

You will need to provide your residential address to Companies House, if you have a distinct director's service address to use, your home address will be kept away from the public record and will only be used for internal records. For this reason, if you want to protect your residential address and keep your home life separate from your business, giving a distinct directors service address makes complete sense.

How many director service addresses do you need?

Each of your directors will need an official service address depending on the size of your business and how many directors it has. It is essential because Companies House and HMRC will write to your registered office address, and if they do not receive any reply to their mail, they will use your director's service address for your statutory company documentation. They will also use your director's service address to send your private statutory mail, such as your self-assessment tax return documentation.

While you need to send your home address to Companies House when you register your business, your residential address will only be shared between Companies House and select government bodies such as HMRC, FSA and loan reference organizations. Only your official director's service address will be shown to the public.

Can you rent your home?

Many sole traders and entrepreneurs, who want to set up their company, will live in rented housing. Your proprietor may not permit you to use your home address for business purposes, depending on your letting agreement or tenancy contract. This is the reason using directors service address providers is a perfect solution to this scenario.

Using a prestigious address for your official business addresses can solve many problems for small and micro business owners, who do not want to give out their home address. It will also provide their new company with a lot more prestige and gravitas.

Privacy and comfort

The advantage of using a company address provider is that you can provide a high amount of privacy and safety. It not only prevents cold callers from getting up at all times of day and night on your doorstep, but it also prevents your house from being inundated with junk mail and sales pamphlets.

If your company is designed not to see customers in person on your premises, then if any visitor to your site has an accident, is injured or has his property damaged in some way, you may be responsible to pay them compensation for any claims made against you.

That is why keeping your real physical address private and out of the public record can help protect your company from any risks or liabilities.

Setting up your limited company

If you are planning to form a limited company but have not yet gone through the process of forming an official company, you must get the right information about your limited company on your application. It makes sense to get yourself set up with all the addresses you need for your company before you officially register it with Companies House to save the trouble of registering your company with your home address information and then having that information changed further down the line.

Remember that your original submission will be recorded. You can change your company information later on, but it can be a little troublesome. Instead, set your business up by being organised and having your addresses in place so that your company formations procedures can go smoothly.

House companies will require a little information to accept your request. If you do not provide the correct data or your data is incomplete, your request will be denied.

Following are the details which you need to deliver to Companies House:

  • Name and address of your limited company directors
  • Details of the original shareholders or guarantors for your company
  • Details of shareholders who hold at least 25% of the company's shares
  • Details of guarantors with at least 25% voting rights
  • Details for your Company secretaries

If you feel a little overwhelmed by what is expected from you for your submission, you can take the help of RTRSupports Limited. They have many years of experience in helping thousands of business owners to set up a limited company. They can take all the hard work out of the process and know exactly what Companies House require for a successful registration.


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