Form offshore company | Process & Benefits

There are many factors to consider when you form offshore company, such as legal system, political stability, reputation, costs, and regulation of the country. Some of the most popular offshore jurisdictions are UK, Delaware(US), Cyprus, Mauritius, etc

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The process to form offshore company:

1. Choose offshore company jurisdiction, type and name. You can use an online tool to check the availability of your desired company name in different jurisdiction.

2. Provide basic information about yourself such as, identity proof, contact details, and your company such as business activities and share capital.

3. Open a business bank account for your offshore company in a reputable and secure bank.

You can use an agent to help you with the offshore company registration and bank account opening process.

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The benefits to form offshore company:

1. Endless business opportunities: Large corporations are entering the global market and small businesses are looking for new customer in different region.
2. Privacy: Many offshore jurisdictions do not disclose the identity of the company’s owners, directors and beneficiaries to the public.
3. Asset protection: Provide protection to assets from creditors, lawsuits, or political instability.
4. Eliminate the tax burden: Many jurisdictions offer low or zero corporate tax rates, as well asexemptions from withholding taxes, stamp duties or value added taxes.
5. Easy registration process: Offshore jurisdictions have simplified company formation, which can be formed online in a few hours.


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