Can I reserve a Company name without forming a limited company?

If you are having an incredible business idea, then you will want to do every possible thing to execute that idea. However, even before implementing those ideas, you might know if you can reserve the of your company without forming a UK limited company.

Well the answer is no, it might sound a bit depressing but you cannot register a company name without forming a limited company under that name. You can look at a few steps during your planning stages, which may help you to take measures to secure the trading name of your company in the best possible way.

Step 1: Check the availability of your chosen name:

If you already have a name in your mind for the new firm, then the first and foremost thing you should do is check whether your chosen name is available, and is not being used by any other company. This will help in saving a lot of time later on when you are finally ready to incorporate your company.

After choosing your company name if you wish to check its availability then you can contact our experts.

Before choosing a company name you should keep in mind certain important things such as, make sure you do not include any offensive or sensitive words that are prohibited by Company Houses.

Step 2: Register a company to secure its name:

If you have checked that the company name you have selected is available, but you are concerned if someone else takes it before the launch of your company, then you must consider going through the company formation process to ensure that your chosen company name is protected. The majority of businesses choose to wait till their firm is completely ready to launch and trade. However, if you are genuinely worried that your preferred name for your new company is at risk, which means it can be taken by someone else, then you should register your company as soon as possible to ensure that your chosen company name is not taken and used by anyone else.

Step 3: Come first and be served first:

Numerous similar company names are being used in the business world, you must ensure that your chosen company name has not been trademarked by anyone. If two businesses have a similar name, then normally the Company House provides a decision in favour of that company who has used the name for the longest.

Step 4: Form a dormant company:

If you are not ready to begin trading yet, then you can consider forming a company and leave it in a dormant state until you are ready to start trading. A dormant company is referred to as a company that is not trading currently, which can be left in a dormant state until it is ready to trade.

After you have registered your company and have secured your company name, you have the confidence in moving forward with the plans knowing that you can now use your company name for your new business without any issues.

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