How can I cancel a Barclays payment?

There are different ways to cancel a Barclays payment, such as:

To cancel a standing order or Direct Debit in Online Banking, you need to give 1 working day’s notice before the payment is due to leave your account and this must be before 5:30pm. You also need to notify the company you’re paying so they don’t try to take the payment from your account.

To cancel other payments, such as future-dated payments or transfers, you need to log in to Online Banking and go to ‘Pay and transfer’ in the top menu. Then select ‘Transfers, standing orders and Direct Debits' under 'Manage and track' and follow the instructions.

To cancel a payment that you made in error, such as sending money to the wrong account or amount, you need to contact Barclays customer services as soon as possible. If the payment was £25 or under, use the ‘Chat’ function in the Barclays mobile banking app. If the payment was over £25, call 0345 975 7575 or (+44) 1915 412009 if you’re outside the UK.

To cancel a payment that was made without your authorisation, such as a fraudulent transaction, you need to report it to Barclays immediately. You can call the number on the back of your Barclays card or use the ‘Direct call’ function in the mobile banking app. Barclays may be able to refund you the money as part of its guarantee for online banking and the Barclays app.

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