How to change your business service address?

As you go through the company forms process to register your company as a limited company, you will be asked to provide Companies House with a business service address to be listed in their public register. Your customer-service address is your official email address for your limited company. HMRC(Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs ) and the Companies House will use this address to give you all your formal official business-related messages.

This address is used to connect with your business managers, company secretary, and anyone who is listed with your PSC(Partners Patient Registry) /registry.

Can you pick an address for your business?

Instead of putting your private residential address on public record, you can choose a different address for your business so that your home address can remain private and off-limits for the public.

The reason you need two different addresses, i.e. service address and address of registered office, is that they are both used for separate purposes.

Companies House, HMRC, and other government departments use your business service address to communicate with your company directors and staff about their role in your company or LLP. However, your registered office is used as the official contact address for your limited company or LLP in its own right. Once your company has been registered with Companies House, your limited company will become an entity in its own right. Therefore, you will receive official statutory emails from Companies House at its registered office address.

Who requires a business service address?

A business service address is an address, which will need to be provided to Companies House and remain as an active address at all times. People within your company will need a service address are as follows:

  • Any person with significant control or influence over a company (People with Significant Control (PSCs)
  • Original shareholders
  • Guarantors with more than 25% voting rights in a company
  • Company secretary
  • LLP members
  • Limited company directors
  • Shareholders who hold more than 25% of the company's shares or voting rights

Could you change your address for the business service at any time?

Many limited companies and LLPs are formed by those business owners who are willing to be registered with Companies House quickly to begin trading under their official company name. While this is a very beneficial move and helps to enhance your professional public image, it often implies the directors registering their business addresses under their home addresses for convenience.

Quite often the new company owners are unaware of their company address registration rules and regulations. Many do not understand that they can choose to use a registered office address service where they can register their service address officially, receive their statutory mail, and send it to them. Having this knowledge before going for the company formation process can save them a lot of time and hassle further down the road when they want to their business service address.

How do you change your address for the service?

You need to notify Companies House of your new address when you want to change your company service address. Since you can use the same address for both your registered address and service address, you can use the same new address to cover both statutory company addresses, and if you want to change both addresses to a new address then you can. However, the address of your registered office must be located in the same country as that of your company. For example, if you register your business in the UK with a UK-based service address and registered office address, you can change your service address to an address based anywhere across the globe, but your registered office address must remain as a UK-based address.

It is useful to understand that if you register your company in England and Wales, you can move your registered office from England to Wales or vice versa if you decide to relocate your company from one region to another.

Choose your new address for service

You should think about changing your service address to a non-residential address not only because it will protect your privacy and home life, but it will also help to improve your business image and perception by the general public and prospective new customers.

You should remember that you are not allowed to use a PO Box number for your address while selecting a new service address.

All the company directors who are all registered on your PSC are required to provide Companies House with their home address during the company formation process, Companies House will never share your home address in the public.

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