How to check company name availability UK?

When starting a new company in the UK, you must come up with a catchy company name - your first job is to perform a company name check to see if the name you want is available.
You must first ensure that your company name is available to use. In some cases, the name you have chosen for your company may already be in use and legally protected, making it invalid. You can search for duplicate names at Companies House, and if your search gave no results, it means your company name is available. A company name needs to be unique from other company names.

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You must consider the following factors before checking your company name availability UK:

  • Avoid trying to register a company name that is similar to any other company name already on the register. This would cause misunderstanding among the general public. This is not a problem, though, if an existing business agrees to the registration of your name or if your new business will be a member of the same group as an existing business.
  • Avoid using words in your company name that show links with the Royal family, the UK government, public authority, or any other official institution.
  • Avoid using words that indicate superiority in the business world or a certain status.
  • You must avoid selecting a company name that contains offensive words or makes reference to an illegal activity.
  • By checking the Trade Mark register, you can prevent any infringement of your intellectual property and possible legal disputes.
  • If you use a word that indicates a specific profession or function, You must prove that you are legally able to perform that function implied by a word before using it. Additionally, you will require authorization from the relevant organisation for your profession or qualification.
  • Any geographic reference in a company name, such as "United Kingdom," "London," "Scotland," etc., implies a connection to an official organisation or administrative authority. Such company names would need approval from the Secretary of State at Companies House.

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Private limited companies must include the words “Limited” or “Ltd” at the end of the company name. Companies that are registered in Wales can use the words “Cyfyngedig” or “CFY”. There is no legal difference between the word “Limited” and the abbreviated “Ltd”; both of these can be registered, and once incorporated, both are interchangeable.

You are not legally prohibited from using the name of a dissolved limited company. If you want to use a dissolved company name, simply research the company's previous trading activities to see if there are any negative/criminal associations linked to that particular name to avoid risking reputational damage.

A credit check on the dissolved company could be fruitful because it will reveal whether the company has any County Court Judgements (CCJs).

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