How to Register a Business with Companies House?

Here are a few easy steps below to register a business with Companies House:

  • Select an organisational framework
    The most popular type of business in the UK is considered as a 'share-limited private corporation.'
    This is popular with businessmen because it will help you to be more tax-efficient and provide financial security for the directors when the business runs into financial trouble.

  • Choose a special name for the company
    Before you register your business with Companies House, you need to verify that there is a name available for your company.

  • Enter information about your business
    Most of the details you are entering at this point will appear on Companies House's public register.

    Licensed office this address must be in the UK and the company directors must be able to access the address.

    Managers of the organization - every company must have at least one manager. And you can provide their name, birth date, and residential address to Companies House.

    Shareholders every company must have at least one shareholder, and the director can be the same person. Also, you can provide their name, birth date and residential address to Companies House.

  • Allot shares
    Once you file with Companies House, the shareholder(s) would need to be assigned shares. The best approach is to assign one share to each shareholder where the value of a single share is 1.

  • Fill out the Memorandum and Articles of Association
    These documents formalize how it will run your company. The business director(s), shareholder(s), and the secretary must approve and sign them.

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