Low-cost business ideas for startups

Several businesses start on a low budget. This may be because you have a desire to start something on the side with your present job that can help you to bring in some extra amount of cash. You can unleash your passions by working for yourself and make good use of your skills and knowledge. Most people are afraid to start their own business because they think that they don't have the current required skills or enough money saved up to get started. However, starting your own small business may not cost you a huge amount of money, and may take a little spare time to polish your skills enough to provide you with the confidence to start. You can take a class in learning the latest computer software packages to understand how to work in a database and spreadsheets it is very useful if you have a desire to start a small business and keep the records of your customer and manage your business finances. If you are willing to set up your own business as a sole trader or form a Limited Company, then you can take a part-time business management course that can provide you with all the skills you need to manage all administrative tasks that are associated with operating a small business. Registering as a Limited Company with Companies House is the best option for you if you want to separate and protect your finances and assets from those of your business. If you want to start something new, but as you have not yet decided what particular job or business you should get into, the following are some low-cost business ideas that you may find beneficial:

Market stall for crafts

If you have the creative skill to create your arts and crafts, you can spend your free time developing your goods until you have made enough stock and then set up a craft stall in a busy local market to sell your creations. If you have a creative flair for making your arts and crafts, then you can spend your spare time creating your wares until you have built up enough stock, and then setting up a craft stall at a busy local market to sell your creations. You can also sell your creation online through some craft sites, which are like online marketplaces for handcrafted items.

Music coach

If you are good at playing an instrument such as a keyboard, violin, guitar, etc. then you can set yourself up as a music coach. If you are self-learned or have no official training, you can provide coaching classes to beginners at your local community college as part of their evening class offerings. If you are qualified and have an abundance of experience, you can take on one-to-one students and either provide sessions from home or visit their homes weekly. You can build up several customers so that you can make a decent living from your passion for music.

Garden preservation

If you love spending your free time in the great outdoors, then offering gardening and garden preservation services can be an ideal business for you to start. You can get into some clearing work like cutting hedges, digging up leaves, and trimming bushes. Several people require help to keep their garden neat and clean and give their garden fences a lick of paint or a coat of waterproofing solution, so you can provide such services to them.

Cleaning service

Your own cleaning company would be a cost-effective small business as a startup. You can start working on your own and just need to buy a few cheap pieces of cleaning equipment to get started. You can decide whether to offer a domestic home cleaning service or offer a commercial office and workplace cleaning service. You can start with domestic service, then eventually take on some staff and start offering commercial cleaning services.

DIY and construction work

If you have already spent a couple of years working in the construction industry, you may be in a position where you already have the required skills, knowledge, and equipment to go self-employed and start your small DIY, home repairs, and construction business. You can start up and make your website with low-cost and social media business pages to help promote yourself. You can also post flyers to homes in your local area to raise awareness of your services and pick up some local customers. Depending on your skills and abilities, you might be able to provide different services that local people need, such as roofing, building, electricians, carpentry, plumbers, DIY, and handyman services.

Mobile beauty or hairstyle

There are great demands for hairdressers and make-up artists, mainly for weddings and special events. You can advertise your services in your local online business directory and on social media pages used for advertising local services. Once you've got some satisfied customers, they will be happy to spread the word and recommend your service to others.

Food stall

If you have a passion for cooking, then you can look at setting yourself up as a street food vendor. You can check your local events calendar and pick busy market days, planned street fares, and special outdoor events to set up your stall. You don't need to be a trained chef to do this. Only having a passion for cooking food and creative skills to produce some amazing flavour combinations to set you apart from others and make you truly unique.


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