Setting up an offshore bank account in Europe

Setting up an offshore bank account in Europe can fill a required tax transparency need or a way in which the non-residents feature for the company can be kept up. Having a bank account outside the purview in which the offshore company is based can be beneficial for various reasons and foreign investors can likewise investigate the accessible alternatives in the EU.

Our group of offshore company arrangement agents in Europe can aid you in opening a Bank account for an offshore company or, on the other hand, opening a bank account for a European company for those investors who are additionally intending to incorporate in the EU.

EU bank account for offshore companies

European nations like Malta and Cyprus are prominent among foreign investors searching for offshore jurisdictions in Europe. Various key benefits and advantages, among which investor protection through bank secrecy, low corporate taxes, and lawful systems enlivened from English law are qualities that, joined, make a great area for the offshore area in Europe.

Financial investors who are not intrigued essentially in an offshore company set up yet rather in opening a European bank account for their offshore company will find that the jurisdiction that qualifies as European offshore purviews will likewise suit their business needs.

Opening a European bank account

The issues that ought to be mulled over when opening a European bank account are recorded beneath our offshore company arrangement.

  • Documentation: A corporate and individual valid ID will be required while opening an offshore bank account in Europe.
  • Personal appearance: A few banks may require the record holder to be available face to face; in any case, this isn't generally the situation and financial investors in Cyprus can send the apostilled reports.
  • Initial deposit: In spite of the fact that not all banks ask for a basic deposit, financial investors ought to be set up for this and inquire as to whether this is required.
  • Currencies: The currency of the bank account will apparently be in Euros yet investors can choose different currency standards while picking the record type.

Bank expenses apply depending upon the picked bank, the nation, and the maintenance choices for the preferred account. Debit card charges can likewise apply.

For more data on offshore bank account creation, kindly don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our group has broad involvement in European and offshore incorporation and we can offer devoted services for a large range of jurisdictions.


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