International marketing tips for overseas business

Businesses planning to relocate overseas, or to access the international market in the UK can get enormous benefits. However, globalising your business can be a tricky transition to negotiate. Here are some effective tips that you can follow to get your international marketing off to a positive start.

Proper Research

Research is an important part of marketing. By doing proper research about the market where you will form your offshore company, you can understand the preferences of that particular market, and sell your products or services accordingly. The cultural difference between your native country and the foreign country can be subtle but their impact can be vast. For instance, when big companies like General motor launched Chevrolet Nova in South America they failed to realise that it translates as 'It does not go', as a result, the sales of the car were much lower than predicted. This happened because they did not do any proper market research.

If you want to be a successful marketer, then you must take the time to completely understand the preferences of the country. To perform this research you need to go for a trip to the target country where you can meet local customers, carry out your market research and engage with other relevant professionals.

Know your competition

Although it is an international market, you should remember the basics that you know work in your home country. Find out what the competition is up to.

  • What are the gaps your competitors missed?
  • How will you stand out from the crowd?
  • Is there a reason for not addressing certain marketing gaps by them?
  • What are they excelling in what they are failing at?
  • What can be considered as your unique selling point?

Always remember that from a marketing point of view you can never know enough about your competitors.

Obtain Some Local Guidance

Getting proper local advice is vital when it comes to your marketing because you cannot make assumptions about the regulations in other countries that will be similar to your native market. Examples include issues like comparative marketing.

Different countries have different types of regulations. For instance, in America, there is little regulation about using words like better or best, whereas, in Germany or Belgium there are strict regulations that refer to these sorts of phrases.

You can consult your local advisor as they might provide you with international experts, who will be able to advise you. Otherwise, you can access online professionals such as LinkedIn, which will be quicker and easier.

Customise your SEO for the Relevant Market

Here your first step will be to make sure to know which search engines are popular in your target markets. In countries that do not speak English Google does not always provide the best local results. Moreover, it will not be enough to just translate your website. Hence, to get proper SEO results in such countries, your business should customise the content.

Additionally, you should not forget to choose the appropriate native keywords. It is usually done by native as keywords play an important role in SEO optimization of your business website. It implies that the keywords are influenced by culture, hence, using a native speaker will help you accomplish better results.


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