Start a US offshore company and get a nominee director

A non-US resident can form a company in Delaware state in the US because it is the most business-friendly and popular state for doing business. Delaware offers flexible favourable laws for businesses, privacy and low filing fees.

After forming a US company, you would require an Employer Identification Number (EIN) which will allow you to legally operate your business in the US.

EIN is required to start your business, take loans for business purposes, file company tax, open a business bank account in the US, hire employees and apply for licenses. If you need a US bank account you need to have a US director/local resident in your company. The US bank will take only 10 to 15 days to open.

As a non-US resident, you can easily get a nominee director.

If you don't have a US director, you can take a one-year Nominee Director Service with a US bank account with the help of a company like RTRSupports Limited.

  1. The nominee director will have no access to the bank account.
  2. The nominee director will only help you to open one bank account for your company (any additional services would require extra costs).
  3. The nominee director will have an agreement(Power of Attorney) that will state that all the assets and rights belong to you.
  4. All your rights and assets are safeguarded and the nominee director will only act in your best interest.
  5. The bank account will be registered with your phone number, which means the bank will contact you first for any particular requirements.

Customer feedback:

Michael Dan: With the help of RTRSupportsLtd, my US Company got registered in just 6 days as they promised to deliver the service in 5 to 7 days. They also provided Nominee Director Service with the USA company and bank account at an affordable price. Trustworthy company with excellent customer support. They provide company EIN, registered agent, phone consultation and take only 10 minutes to fill the company formation forms.


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