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When you set up a limited company, you will have to go through the Company Formation Process. During the process, one of the criteria you will have to fulfil is to provide Companies House with your registered office address.

Can you provide your home address as the registered office address of the company?

Depending on the size of the company you are planning to set up, as well as the number of people involved in your business, you can choose to provide your registered office address as the physical address, i.e. the address of the office from which you're running your business. If you are a sole trader working from home, you can use your residential address as your registered office address.

Can you use your home address to register an LLP?

You can choose to give your registered office address as your home address if you are looking to set up a Limited Liability Partnership. You can choose to use one of the partner's home addresses as your registered office for partnerships involving two or more people if all partners agree and are happy for this to happen. However, the partner must know that their home address will be displayed on the company's public register kept at Companies House, and any member of the public can access their home address via the internet through the register.

Does a company's registered office address need an office set-up?

Companies House needs registered companies to supply them with a legal postal address for their registered office. This address has to exist in the real world, so this is why using PO Boxes are not approved as an official office address, because they are not a physical address. However, it does not mean that you need to have a physical office space to be able to register your company.

You can use your residential address as your registered office, or you can use the services of a Registered Office Address Provider, such as RTRSupports Limited to get all the official company addresses that you need.

Can you register a company with a shared office space address?

There are many shared office spaces across the country. Such places offer great flexibility for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs and micro-businesses to work in a business environment without the requirement of rent dedicated office space.

Shared office spaces can help to keep the expenses down for new businesses and entrepreneurs who want to run a lean business while establishing and growing their company up to an appropriate size where they can sustain the costs of renting their own dedicated office space.

Shared office space owners should have a set of user rules and agreements in place to dictate whether you are allowed to use their business address or not. You cannot use the shared office space address as your registered office address without first checking with the owners of the building and operation.

In most cases, it would be wise to use an address that can be used for the long term while you focus on growing your businesses. You may want to maintain your home address away from the public register, therefore use a registered office address provided for your registered office address.

Their office address services are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a very convenient solution for many entrepreneurs, partnerships and small business owners looking to set up a limited company.

There are a variety of business address solutions available that will help you to have the flexibility to work from any place in the country.

Can you use a virtual office address as an office address during company registration?

Yes, you can register your new company with Companies House via Company Formations Service of company formation agents, such as RTRSupports Limited with a range of Company Address Solutions as your registered office address for your business.

Can you change the address of your registered office?

Yes, if you have already completed the company formation process and formally registered your limited company with Companies House, you can simply change your registered office address by completing the Companies House AD01 form.

You can sign up for a registered office address service and change your address with Companies House and HMRC to a prestigious business address. Your current signed address will be used for your official business correspondence by Companies House and HMRC. Your official mail will be handled by professional mail management and forwarding service. This will make sure that none of your major legal documents can go wrong or get lost or mixed up in other mail.

Benefits of using Registered Office Address Service

Using company address solutions will be allowed to keep your home address away from public records and hidden from public view. This can help you to prevent unwanted or uninvited people from visiting your home at all times of the day. Having a registered limited company with a prestigious business address can provide your company with a more professional image and an impression that will impress potential new clients.

This can also be important when trying to win over and impress potential business partnerships and joint ventures, or when you want to seek extra financing from Business Angel groups or credit companies.

Company formation agents like RTRSupports Limited offer quick and simple company formation services for those who wish to set up a Limited Company, as well as comprehensive business address services that limited companies need to fulfil for all Companies House requirements.

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