What is a SAIL address?

A SAIL address is a Single Alternative Inspection Location where a company or LLP can keep its statutory records and make those records available for public inspection. SAIL address is not compulsory i.e. it is optional. It is just used for convenience and as an alternative address for inspection to the registered office.

A SAIL address must be in the same UK jurisdiction, which means it needs to be in the same country as the registered office address. 

You need to inform the Companies House about the statutory documents that are stored in the SAIL address. However, if you do not use a SAIL address then you must keep all those records in your registered office address.

How is a SAIL address different from a registered office address?

A registered office is necessary to run a business in the UK. It is considered as an official address of the limited company where all the legal notices from the UK government agencies, like the Companies House and HMRC, are sent here. This address is recorded in the public register of the firms. The legal records should be kept at the registered office unless one is using a SAIL address.

A SAIL is an address that is optional. If you wish to use it then you need to provide the details of all the statutory records kept at that address. This information will be put on the public record.

Can you use a SAIL address in any part of the world?

Well no, a SAIL address needs to be in the same country as the registered office address. However, a SAIL address can be changed at any moment until it is located in the same UK jurisdiction.

What records must be stored at a SAIL address?

The company records and registers, which can be kept at a SAIL address are given below:

  • Register of members (shareholders or guarantors)
  • Register of directors
  • Register of residential address of directors
  • Register of secretaries
  • Register of debenture holders
  • Registers of People with Significant Control (PSC)
  • Register of charges and instruments creating charges
  • Copies of resolutions
  • Minutes of general meetings

Is it necessary to make my company records available for inspection?

Yes, the private companies must make their statutory records and registers available for inspection on every normal working day.

Any person who wants to inspect a company's registers ( be it the members of the firm or others) should be provided with the registers within five days of the request received, must provide notice at least within two working days in the circumstances set out in the companies as per Company Records Regulations 2008, or a minimum of ten working days in other situations.

Will Companies House ever send any company mail to a SAIL address?

The Companies House (and other government agencies) will not send any legal mails to a SAIL address. All the official mails and legal notices by the government will be delivered to the SAIL address. Also, you can change your registered office to the SAIL address. If you make this change, then you must notify the Companies House about such changes.

How to register or change a SAIL address with the Companies House?

You can register or change a SAIL address with the Companies House by submitting form ADD02 WebFiling. Moreover, you need to file form AD03 to state the records that have moved to the new SAIL address. Otherwise, you can ask your registered agent to inform the Companies House on your behalf.


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