5 leading countries to set up offshore companies

5 best countries for offshore companies

An offshore company is set up in an administration that has a particular regime for these sorts of structures. Countries that are outstanding as tax havens offer low or zero taxes on offshore company benefits, light banking and offshore banking procedures and the simplicity of performing and overseeing international tasks.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, or BVI, is a legitimate international offshore destination that is additionally tax-neutral for organizations that are locally incorporated. The BVI Business Company is the business type of decision and can be joined by one director and one investor/shareholder just as corporate executives and corporate investors. There are no prerequisites to disclose the characters of the company's valuable proprietors and bearer shares are allowed. A similar limitation on owning land/real estate or trading inside the Islands applies to the BC.

Cayman Islands

Another perfect goal to base an offshore support investment or an offshore company, the Cayman Islands are impartial from a taxation perspective and offer a wide exhibit of offshore banking choices for speculators because of the huge number of private banks that have set up their branches here. There is no withholding taxes, no corporate income tax, and no capital gains. Financial investors can open a customary organization or exempt company. Those companies have to give documents of minimum yearly return.

Hong Kong

An offshore company in Hong Kong is one of the best financial centres on the planet that offers a steady and productive banking system and a universal business environment that invites investors from foreign nations. The Special Administrative Region isn't a tax haven as this term is commonly seen, however, it has a low corporate income tax rate and has marked various twofold tax treaties. Companies arrangement in Hong Kong is a basic procedure and there is no compulsory prerequisite for minimum share capital for the limited liability company.


In the Bahamas, the tax can be proposed as an advantage for investor privacy. An offshore company consolidated here, the Bahamas IBC, is an adaptable business structure that can be utilized for a number of purposes, including asset/fund security, planning for an estate or tax reduction. The organization is absolved from all nearby assessments and can be integrated by at least one director and one investor/shareholder. There are various limitations regarding trading or owning land/real estate in the Bahamas for the IBC.


A well-known offshore destination, Belize is one of the tax havens where no corporate income tax applies and organizations are additionally absolved from the stamp obligation, capital gain task and retention imposed on profits. Nonresident business entrepreneurs are invited here and enjoy the advantage of various favourable circumstances, nonetheless, they can't hold property in Belize or perform exchanging exercises in Belize they should engage in universal trading. The Belize IBC International Business Company is anything but difficult to set up and there is no prerequisite for a minimum base paid-up capital.


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