Setting up a Limited Company in the UK

Some of the basic legal requirements for establishing a Limited Company in the UK are:

  • A registered office address must be in the UK.
  • Postal mails can be received at your registered address.
  • Must have at least one director and one shareholder (both can be the same person, but must be over 16 years age-old).

After forming your company, Companies House will need to approve your business details.

Then you will get an email stating your company is successfully registered in the UK.
The email will contain the unique company number and documents related to your business:

  • A Business Certificate
  • A Certificate of Shares
  • Memorandum of Association and Company Reports

A private company can start its business after obtaining approval of incorporation. A public company can start its business only after obtaining the 'business start-up certificate.'

Once the company obtains the incorporation certificate, the public company publishes a prospectus for allowing the public to subscribe to its share capital.


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