Skrill in Pakistan: All the information you need

Skrill is an online wallet and payment gateway that Pakistanis can use for global payments. But account holders may deal with more than wallet and fees when trying to move or get money in Pakistani rupees. Here is some information you may find useful about Skrill in Pakistan:

Skrill is available in Pakistan for Pakistani residents. You can sign up and register online. But, it is not possible to hold money in Pakistani Rupees in your Skrill account. Any money you add to your Skrill wallet will need to be converted into one of the global currencies they offer. The conversion can be done through Skrill using their exchange rate, so you don’t need to convert the money before adding it. Here are a few of the currency options when you open an account in Pakistan with Skrill:

⦁ Euros

⦁ British Pounds

⦁ Canadian dollars

⦁ Australian dollars

⦁ UAE Dirham

⦁ Swiss Francs

⦁ Indian Rupees

⦁ Saudi Riyal

⦁ Singapore dollars

⦁ US dollars

⦁ Turkish Lira

⦁ Kuwaiti dinar

⦁ Qatari Rial

⦁ Jordanian Dinar

⦁ Omani rial

Skrill can be used to make payments at hundreds of global sites and to send money. Money can also be sent to other Skrill users or to send money to a bank account globally. Skrill has 40 different currencies which can be used to send money. And since Skrill is a wallet, you can hold the money, send it globally, or withdraw it. 

Skrill does have fees so it can often be more expensive than other money transfer services. 

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