Starling Business Account: International payments

Starling Bank is mainly open for business purposes, both for limited companies and sole traders.

Nowadays each and every business owner wants to grow business globally. Therefore they are also looking for the best ways to pay and receive payments from all over the world from their suppliers and clients respectively.

Starling Bank offers an online business account that allows you to send money to bank accounts in 38 countries.

It doesn't charge anything for domestic transfers.

Receiving international payments with Starling Bank

Sending money abroad becomes easy and quick with Starling bank.

Download the Starling app and sign up and then start sending and receiving money online overseas in 20 currencies.

Different types of payment methods are there which all depend on how quickly you make the payment.

  • Priority Delivery with SWIFT - You can send a direct bank-to-bank payment. It is faster than the standard transfer time of 2 to 5 working days, but it charges an extra fee.
  • Low-cost payment - It charges a lower transfer fee, but as the payment is processed through a local partner, it may take more time than the standard time (depending on the currency).

Starling bank international transfer Fees

You can receive payments from other countries in your business bank account.

There are some limitations too:

  • The payments which you will receive are only in EURO and GBP. The Starling account will not accept any other currencies. If you invoice an overseas country, they must pay you in one of these two currencies.
  • The cost of receiving foreign payments depends on the currency.
  • It charges a 2% conversion fee for receiving payments in EUR but for GBP, it does not charge anything.


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