Starling Business Account: UK costs for international transactions

There are different fees and charges depending on the type of transaction and the currency involved. Here is a summary of the main costs:

1. If you want to send money abroad, you have two options: a SWIFT payment or a low-cost payment. A SWIFT payment is a direct bank-to-bank transfer that is faster but more expensive. A low-cost payment is a transfer that goes through a local partner and is cheaper but slower. The fees for sending money abroad are as follows.

2. A Starling transfer fee of 0.4% of the amount you send. This applies to both SWIFT and low-cost payments.

3. A delivery fee that varies depending on the delivery option and the currency you choose. For SWIFT payments, the fee is £5.50 for all currencies. For low-cost payments, the fee starts from £0.30 and may change depending on the currency.

4. If you want to receive money from abroad, you may also incur some fees depending on the currency and the sender's bank. The fees for receiving money from abroad are as follows.

5. A currency conversion fee of 0.4% if you receive money in a different currency than your account. For example, if you have a GBP account and receive EUR, you will pay 0.4% of the amount you receive.

6. A foreign exchange rate that is determined by Starling Bank at the time of the transaction. You can check the current exchange rates using this link: Exchange rates.

7. A possible intermediary bank fee that may be deducted by the sender's bank before the money reaches your account. This fee is not controlled by Starling Bank and may vary depending on the sender's bank and country.

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