Best tips for starting a home-based business

1. Get your company insured:

When you are setting up an in house business it is necessary to check your insurance policy and take out additional cover for any business activity in your household. If your business let your client enter your property then you should take out public liability insurance as well. It is inexpensive and you feel secure as well.

2. Business rate:

It depends on whether you have employees working for you or not. It may be required to have business rates on top of council tax. These are necessary if you convert any part of your property into a shop or if your clients start to visit you often. A phone call to VOA (Valuation office agency) will verify the matter.

3. Appoint an accountant:

Well to many people it is an extra expenditure but the amount of money you could save from listening to their advice will cancel out their fees. A complete accountant can help you fix your cost for business expenditure. This could be a real money saver for home business, as you may claim some of the costs of running your property, including heating and electricity bills.

4. Remove distractions:

Home business sounds so easy. There you are not answerable to anyone but it might lead to tremendous failure. So in order to achieve success, you need to be focused on what you are doing and switch off all the distractions.

5. Have all the necessary equipment:

The most overlooked obstacle to overcome in a work from the home scenario is not having the necessary equipment. Often we skip these criteria over other important aspects. At home, we all use a standard broadband service just to switch to a business broadband service which works better. Get familiar with the technology that you will be used during working hours. Though this is not uncommon neglecting it can cause a day's worth of business loss. This is pretty dangerous for the early stage of devolvement.

6. Don't let negatives take over:

It is really hard to think of the negative consequences of a home-based business especially if you have been trapped in a busy office for most of your working life. Try to communicate with your client over the phone rather than by email. Visit trade shows, business events in order to expand your business. Expand your circle with like-minded people. This will not just help you expand your business crowd but also help you recover the feeling of isolation.

7. Prepare an emergency plan:

Everybody can't do this "work from home" thing as it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of self-motivation as you are in your comfort zone all the time. This might be a drawback for many. That is why you always need to have an emergency plan in case you need to set an office nearby to feel proactive. At a certain point in time, you will be able to feel your business growing unexpectedly and then you will also require more workspace for yourself and other employees as well. That time it is going to come in handy.

8. Be proactive:

This home office might sound appealing, but starting your day in a pyjama will not be a great idea. Yes, you don't have to put on a 3 piece suit but wear something different that won't look out of place in an office. It will make a significant difference.

9. Take a break:

You are working from home that does not mean you need to be available 24*7 a day. Take out one hour for lunch and take breaks in-between so that your mind could work properly.

10. Be organized:

You are running a business from home, it doesn't mean you can keep your desk unorganized. Organize your papers and desk if you have clients coming over to your place. It will create a good impression and will be beneficial for you and cancel out plenty of headaches and will help you focus on work more.

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