Steps for forming an offshore corporation

Procedures for establishing an offshore corporation

Offshore company formation has been one of the most trending topics among business people for several years. Although there have been certain changes in offshore company regulations in many jurisdictions, the importance of offshore companies has not changed, it's now more important for any international company to have their business registered in offshore jurisdictions. International businesses require their business to expand and register over several jurisdictions to have a more professional presence internationally.

Other steps to offshore company formation need to be followed by companies.

1. You should choose the right jurisdiction for an offshore company:

There are over 50 well-established jurisdictions to choose from for incorporating an offshore company for your business. Certain factors such as cost for incorporation, regulated activities, and degree of confidentiality may vary for each jurisdiction. Moreover, several offshore jurisdictions have unique advantages for foreign businesses.

2. Choosing the correct Agent in the offshore jurisdiction for your company formation:

You will need to look for a trusted Company Creation agent who can register your business in that jurisdiction after you have selected the jurisdiction to incorporate your offshore company. A company formation agent is a legal person or agency with the power to register undertakings in some jurisdictions and to maintain adequate knowledge of the legal regulations. Based on your business profile and activities, an appropriate agent will let you know all the requirements for your business incorporation.

3. Implementing an appropriate structure for your offshore formation:

This is the most important step. Three kinds of structures are available, such as an offshore company, an offshore trust, and an offshore foundation. As an IBC corporation, the most common type of structure is the incorporation of offshore companies. Like other companies, an IBC operates with shareholders and directors and transfers declarations similar to the other corporate entity.

Some other significant types of companies are LTD, LLC or LLP.

An LTD company is a private limited company means the company is limited by shares. In other words, if a shareholder invests 20% of the company's costs then the shareholder is liable for only 20% of the company's income or debts.

LLC and LLP companies are a combination of limited and partnership companies. It enjoys the benefits of taxation by having income taxed only once as the partner's income. However, LLCs may be taxed either as a partnership or as a corporation, but LLPs are taxed as associations where the corporate earnings and losses have to be reported on the personal income taxes of the partners. LLCs may have one or more members, but an LLP must have at least two partners. A single-member LLC may be taxed as a corporation or a sole proprietorship.

4. Completing the requirements and documentation for your offshore company formation:

The final step is providing all the information, requirements, and documentation to the company formation agent who will be forming your company.

Documents required for the offshore company formation are almost the same for each jurisdiction. Generally, normal KYC documents are required, which include a Valid ID and Address proof. Most jurisdictions prefer a Passport as a valid ID proof and a Bank statement (which displays your name and address and is not older than three months from the submission date). Utility bills are also accepted as address proofs (not older than three months from the submission date).

The documents required are listed below:

  • Identification documents (Photo ID): A copy of your passport or national ID card is required.
  • Proof of Address: Recent utility bill, tax bill, or a recent bank/credit card statement (less than 3 months old)

Once all four steps are completed, the rest will be done by the company formation agent. The company formation agent will perform all the filings and document submissions to the government of that jurisdiction.

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