Stripe International Payments

Stripe is a payment processing platform that supports the online money transfer between a customer's bank account to a merchant’s bank as a payment for goods or services bought with a credit card.


  • Make secure and easy payment.
  • This platform has a host of developer tools.
  • A stripe account supports 44 countries and 135 currencies.
  • Offer competitive rates for each country.
  • It helps you to expand into the international market.

Stripe International Payments

Receive international payments through stripe - A stripe supported platform countries can receive Strive International Payments.

The payer’s bank account must be in the same country as their settlement currency for payments to go through.

Stripe offers several payment methods.

Follow the steps to get this benefit:

  1. Log in to your account on the Stripe website,
  2. Go to the dashboard, and
  3. Select your payment method from the options presented, where each method provides different benefits.

Stripe International Fees

  • Stripe international fees are higher than domestic fees, but the platform offers customized packages for various types of business.
  • In case of currency conversion, if the payment is made with an international card, an extra 1% will be charged.
  • Stripe charges a minimum and maximum limit of fee, which depends on the currency in which the payment is made. For example, the lowest fee for USD is $0.50, whereas the lowest fee for GBP is £0.30.
  • Stripe also allows you to offer different payment options to your customers from more than 135 currencies to help them avoid conversion fees.
  • Stripe sets the mid-market rate daily and charges you an additional fee for the currency conversion you perform for payments made in other currencies.

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