The Best Companies for International Money Transfers

Currencies Direct: Currencies Direct is a leading provider of international money transfers, with over 20 years of experience and expertise. Currencies Direct offers no fees, competitive exchange rates, and fast transfers to over 120 countries. You can also get personal support from their team of currency experts, who can help you with your transfer needs and goals.
Atlantic Money: Atlantic Money is a new and innovative platform that allows you to send money online or by phone to over 200 countries, with low fees and transparent exchange rates. Atlantic Money also has a unique feature called Rapid Transfers, which lets you send money instantly to any bank account in India for a small fee. Atlantic Money is backed by Barclays Bank and regulated by the FCA.
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WorldRemit: WorldRemit is a fast and convenient way to send money to over 130 countries, with various delivery options such as bank transfer, cash pickup, mobile money, and airtime top-up. WorldRemit has competitive rates and low fees and also offers a money-back guarantee if your transfer is not delivered on time. You can also track your transfer status and get notifications on your app.
Xe Money Transfer: Xe Money Transfer is a reliable and secure app that lets you send money to over 200 countries in more than 100 currencies, with no fees and no minimums. You can also use Xe to track currency pairs, check live exchange rates, and set up rate alerts. Xe has been in the currency business for over 25 years and has a high rating on Trustpilot.
Wise: Wise is known for its upfront fees and real exchange rate, which means you can save money on your transfers compared to traditional banks or other providers. Wise lets you send money directly to local bank accounts in over 80 countries from 59 countries. You can also use Wise to hold and manage multiple currencies in one account and get a debit card that lets you spend abroad without extra fees.

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