What is trademark registration?

Branding and trademarks are a synonym for a company's image. Registration of a trademark is a way to protect the brand or concept. As an example, nobody else can use the name of your product or service if you have placed the symbol next to your logo until the trademark is registered. 

A trademark can be a term, logo, brand name, sticker, packaging labels, tagline, or a combination of these, which may be used by manufacturers or service providers to distinguish their products and/or services from those of their rivals.

How to register a trademark

  • The first step is to check if your mark qualifies as a trademark.

  • Your trademark must be genuinely original and can not be considered as misleading. For example, if you claim to be an 'organic' company but your product is not organic, the information is classified as misleading. 

  • You need to make your trademark exclusive.

  • It should have Words to say, how it will sound like, the type of the Logo, and its Coloring.

So a mix of any of these will make a successful trademark that will reflect the brand name.

 A trademark should not:

  • Be annoying, use offensive words or inappropriate images,

  • Be too common and distinguishable, for instance, be a simple statement like 'we are leading the way'. 

Verify that your trademark has already been registered

Before submitting your application, you must scan the trademarks database to verify if someone has already registered an equivalent or similar trademark for the same or similar products or services. 

You can ask permission from the holder of an existing trademark to register yours. They must give you a 'letter of consent'- you must send your application with this letter. You can use an attorney with a trademark to assist with searches and registrations.

How long does the process take

If nobody has any objections to your application for a trademark, the procedure will take about 4 months. It's worth noting though that your registered trademark only has a 10-year life span.


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