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The easiest way to complete a UK company setup is to use an offshore company formation agent like RTRSupports Limited. Everything is performed online and delivered electronically, applications are approved within 24 hours. There is no need to visit the UK, post any physical documents, or sign any paperwork in person. You just need to upload and deliver documents electronically, as well as create a unique online ‘signature’ to authorise the registration.

Should I hire a company formation agent to form a UK company?

You should hire a company formation agent to make the UK company formation process more efficient and reduces the chance of filing errors that could result in rejection. Also, they offer:

  1. A business address to give your company a professional look.
  2. A suitable business bank account for your company.
  3. Free guidance to assist entrepreneurs with a variety of company formation questions.
  4. Filing annual confirmation statements.
  5. Maintaining statutory registers.

Please watch the video given below to get more details:

The advantages of using a company formation agent

  • A company formation agent can incorporate a new company on the same day. Company formations agents have their systems set up and tested with Companies House, as a result, it reduces delays and ensures quick incorporation.

  • Forming a UK company through a company formation agent makes the process of incorporation easier. There will be no need to fill out form IN01, the entire procedure will be paperless, and everything will be done online.

  • A company formation agent provides expert guidance to consumers through online chat or over the phone when they face any issues with the incorporation process.
  • Company formation agents check the information which has been provided routinely and carefully before sending it to Companies House. This review procedure reduces the possibility of rejection due to minor errors and helps to ensure that each application is successful.

Registering a UK Company with RTRSupports Limited

RTRSupports Limited helps to incorporate a UK Company with Companies House in just 24 working hours.

For UK company registration, you need to follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Choose a name for your company,
  2. Select a limited company formation package,
  3. Choose any address service,
  4. Proceed to checkout to pay for your company formation package and any other services,
  5. Fill out our application form and submit ID and address proof.

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The experts will check your application before sending it to Companies House. Within approximately 24 working hours, your application will be approved and your new UK limited company will be ready to trade. Also, you will get your incorporation documents through email.

Required details and documents for UK company formation

  • On the application form of registering a limited company, you must include the personal information of each member and director, such as their name and service address.
  • Directors must also provide their home address, date of birth, nationality, and country of residence.
  • Documents such as ID proof and address proof are required. This is based on the information provided on the application for UK company registration.

Why do you choose RTRSupports Limited to set up your limited company?

When you decide to start a new business, one of the most important actions you must take is to form a limited liability company. Company formation will provide you and your company with important legal protections.

Choose RTRSupports Limited, the highest-rated company formation agent in the UK to register your UK limited company. Every year, more than 50,000 business owners use RTRSupports Limited to register their businesses in the UK.


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