UK company setup as a non-UK resident

To register in the UK you must have a valid UK address. Also, partnerships, LLPs, unincorporated bodies, and government agencies are unable to register in the UK as a limited firm.

Within one month of setting up a UK company, overseas companies must be registered with Companies House. It can be done by filing Form OS IN01 'Registration of an overseas company, opening a UK establishment' with the UK Companies House - along with a certain registration fee. If it is registering its first UK establishment, it must also provide the following documents:

A Certified copy of the company's constitution documents (including a certified English translation if required)

Set of latest company accounts (including a certified English translation if required) when it is required to file these in its own country.

Can a non-resident run a UK company by an agent?

Setting up a private limited company in the United Kingdom is a simple and affordable procedure, even if you are a resident outside the UK. This includes a contractual arrangement whereby a UK entity acts as an agent for the offshore company, registers the company, provides a UK registered office address, helps with banking, and even manages other aspects of the business. Depending on the number of services provided, a fee may be paid and the arrangement runs under agency regulation.

Is tax payable to non-residents on UK company revenue?

To be able to take advantage of the personal allowance of tax-free income for a non-resident company director, they must be a UK citizen or EEA citizen. Otherwise, the full tax is due on any income earned by non-residents-and they may also have to pay additional income tax in their country.


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