UK Nominee Director Services

The nominee director will be identified on the official records and will have official control over your company. The Nominee Director Agreement must be signed before you appoint a nominee director. In which it is stated that the company is under the sole control of the beneficiary owner and not the nominee director. The beneficiary owner document declaration indicates who the company's true owner is. Nominee management will have no control over the company's day-to-day activities. The beneficial owner will only hold the general power of attorney.

You will need a Nominee Director in your company to open a UK business bank account. If you don’t have one, then you can hire a nominee director from RTRSupports Limited.

  • The Nominee director will have no access to the bank account.
  • The nominee director will only help you to open one bank account for your company (any additional services would require extra costs).
  • The Nominee director will have an agreement(Power of Attorney) that will state that all the assets and rights belong to you.
  • All your rights and assets are protected, and the nominee director will only act in your best interest.
  • The UK business bank account will be registered with your phone number, which means the bank will contact you first for any particular requirements.

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