UK Readymade Company (Up to 5-year-old company)

A Readymade company in the UK is a company that has been registered with Companies House but has not conducted any business activities. It is also known as a shelf company or an off-the-shelf company. Some people may prefer to buy a ready-made company instead of forming a new one to:

1. Save time: Buying a ready-made company can be faster and easier than setting up a new one, as the company already has a name, registration number, and other legal documents.

2. Create a positive image: A ready-made company may have a longer history and appear more established and credible than a new one, which can help attract customers, investors, and partners.

3. Good for contracts: Some contracts or projects may require a company to have a certain age or experience, which a ready-made company can provide.

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There are many providers of ready-made UK companies that offer different services and prices. You can search online for the best option that suits your needs and budget. Here is an example of a website that sells ready-made UK companies:

RTRSupports Limited: This website has a selection of ready-made companies with different incorporation dates and names. You can also get additional services such as a registered office address, bank account opening, VAT registration, and a nominee director.

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How long does it take to change the name of a company?

The time it takes to change the name of a company in the UK depends on the method and the mode of application you use.

There are two main methods to change a company name:

By special resolution: This is when the majority of the shareholders (usually 75%) agree to change the company name. You will need to convene a board meeting, pass a resolution, and file a form NM01 with Companies House, along with a copy of the resolution and a fee. You can also file this form online..

By permission from the articles of association: This is when the company's articles of association allows the directors to change the company name without a shareholder vote. You will need to file a form NM04 with Companies House.

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Once you file the notice of change of name with Companies House, it can take up to 10 days for the change to be processed. Once the change has been approved, you will receive a certificate of incorporation on the change of name from Companies House, and you will need to update your company name on the Companies House register and other documents.

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