What is a Ready-Made Company?

A ready-made company is a pre-registered entity that you can use immediately to start trading. These can be made available within 48 hours. When you start your own business, consider whether you want to register a new company or buy an existing one.

You can also name it a "Shelf Company". It is a pre-registered business at Companies House.

Will you prefer a new Limited Company or Ready-Made?

The transition of a pre-registered business is always easier than that of a newly registered business. It helps people to pass ownership when purchasing a ready-made business.

If a ready-made company is needed, it is necessary to ensure that it is managed properly. This involves completing all the paperwork and paying all the necessary fees.

Buying a ready-made business provides several advantages:

  • Most ready-made companies have already been VAT-licensed, so new owners won't have to wait for their VAT application to be approved before they can start trading.
  • An aged ready-made company also provides confidence in business partners, consumers, and banks, who prefer to do business with a well-established company.
  • A new ready-made product allows new buyers to get started using the product immediately.


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