What is a UTR number and how to get it?

A UTR number is your Unique Taxpayer Number assigned by HMRC to each self-assessment taxpayer to track their tax records. Also, it is required while submitting tax returns to HMRC. It stays for a lifetime. A UTR number always displays in 10 digits like 8526214756. Some UTR numbers have ‘K’ at the end.

In the UK, it is known as a ‘tax reference’ on some documentation, the official name is unique taxpayer reference (UTR).

Where is the it located?

A UTR may be automatically issued once you register a limited company or apply for tax self-assessment. You will get a 10 digit UTR number after 10 days of registering it.

A UTR number is located on:

  • Previous tax returns,
  • Payment reminders,
  • Notices from HMRC to file a return, and
  • Online Self Assessment portal login account to view and manage your tax.

How to get a UTR number?

The following are the ways to get a UTR number which you will need to submit returns to HMRC:

  • UTR to file a tax return,
  • Register for self-assessment online,
  • Receive UTR after 10 days, and
  • You will get your activation code in the 2nd letter which will help you to activate your account.

How do you register it?

To register a UTR number you will have to submit certain details which are as follows:

  • Your name and address,
  • Contact information,
  • Birth date,
  • National Insurance number,
  • The date you started your business, and
  • Explain your business, for example, the type, address and contact information of your business.

How do you request it?

With the help of your registered company name and registered number, you can apply online for your Corporation tax UTR.

UTR will be posted to your registered business address, once you have completed the online form.

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