What is the cheaper, faster way to send money from Hong Kong

The cheaper, faster way to send money from Hong Kong may depend on various factors, such as the amount,
currency, destination, and payment method of your transfer. One of the providers that seem to offer low and transparent fees and real exchange rates is Wise. Wise is an online platform that allows you to send money abroad at the real mid-market exchange rate, with no hidden markups or surprises. You can create an account online and link your Hong Kong bank account or debit card to fund your transfers. Wise also has local bank accounts in many countries around the world, so your recipient can receive the money without any intermediary fees. You can check the cost and speed of your transfer on the Wise website.
Another provider that seems to offer competitive rates and fast delivery is Xe Money Transfer. Xe Money Transfer is an online service that allows you to send money to over 200 countries and regions with just an email address or phone number. You can choose to send money in HKD or in the recipient's currency. You will need to pay a fee depending on the amount, currency, and payment method you use. You can check the fees and exchange rates on the Xe Money Transfer website.

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