What is the role of Companies House?

Companies House is known as a government entity in the UK, which is responsible for managing company records. As a company owner, you will need to interact with the agency while forming a company in the UK, and that agency will register your company on your behalf. They will submit all your paper documents such as ID and address proof of the company director and shareholder, company name and name ending (for example Ltd, Limited, PLC), company number, registered office address, and Confirmation Statement or accounts.

The Role of Companies House:

  • Companies House accepts the formation and maintains ongoing records on the registry.
  • Companies House stores all the data related to the company, directors, and shareholders.
  • Companies House also maintains various information such as lists of disqualified directors. It operates an online system that enables you to send your company information at a low cost.
  • Companies House is responsible for making all your information available to the general public.
  • In addition to incorporation services, Companies House provides various online facilities that make it easy to manage your own company online, as well as helps to access data about other UK-registered limited companies and control them.
  • It is required to notify Companies House of any changes to the business data.
  • It is required to provide documents to Companies House annually.


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