4 ways to avoid getting rejected by Companies House

Starting from your company name to your appointments and shares the list can have all the possible errors that will result in company rejection.

Check your Company Name

The company name must not be harsh or too close to the name of another company. Using RTRSupports Limited website, you can search for your ideal company name and determine whether it is available. The company name checker will search the desired company name and let you know if it is available or if you need to make a different choice.
To register a name with any sensitive phrases or words, you will need approval from the relevant regulatory body or Secretary of State.
All company names must end with "Limited" or "Ltd," and all LLP names must end with “Limited Liability Partnership” or “LLP”.

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Provide a Correct Registered Office Address

The registered office address for a UK company must be located in the UK. You may use any physical address, including your residence, business, or account address. You cannot change the registered address of your company to a different country once it has been registered there.

Please watch the video given below to get more details:

Declare All Persons of Significant Control (PSC)

Many errors can be found in the information given regarding PSC power. A PSC is a shareholder with more than 25% of the shares. Additionally, the shareholders must be informed of PSC power. Anyone who does not complete the PSC information and fails to disclose a shareholder who owns more than 25% of the company is in violation of the company.

As well as failure to reveal a shareholder as a PSC, the following are some of the common mistakes:

  • Failure to reveal the spouse of the main shareholder as a PSC.
  • Failure to reveal any voting rights 
  • Failure to reveal whether a PSC can remove or appoint the majority of directors.

If you have any doubts regarding PSC power, you must consult with an accountant. RTRSupports Limited offers a complete solution to legal registration and PSC issues.

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Use a Company Formation Agency

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or limited company can be incorporated easily. Wait for approval after submitting your application and filing fee. The best way to submit your application is by using the online services of an offshore company formation agency, like RTRSupports Limited. They help in avoiding rejection from Companies House and ensuring a successful company registration.
Their company formation experts will provide an explanation about all packages. They will check your application thoroughly before submitting it to Companies House.

Thus, register your company with RTRSupports Limited today and reduce the risk of having your application rejected by Companies House.


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