5 tips for checking company name availability UK

Checking company name availability in the UK is similar to choosing a good company name in general, but with some additional considerations. You should also consider your target audience and your competitors.

Here are some tips:

1. Choose something unique: If there are similar company names on the market, you run a risk of infringement. Or your customers might end up confused about which company they’re going to. You should use the company name availability checker provided by Companies House, the official registrar of companies in the UK, to ensure your chosen name is not the 'same as' an existing name on the register. You can check the UK Intellectual Property Office trade mark register to make sure the proposed name does not have an existing trade mark.

2. Choose something simple: Short, simple business names are easier for people to recall. If you want to keep a long name, consider giving it a user-friendly acronym.

3. Choose something compliant: There are rules and restrictions you need to adhere to when choosing a company name in the UK. For example, your name must end with “Limited” or “LTD” if you are a private company limited by shares or guarantee, unless you are exempt from doing so.

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4. Choose something memorable: Make sure that your name stands out, both now and in the future. You can insert humor into your name. Alternatively, use idioms, alliteration, or power words to increase its memorability factor.

5. Choose something easy to spell and pronounce: You want people to be able to recall the spelling of your name when they go to look up your business online or suggest it to others. Thus, give a name to your company that is easy to spell.

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